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Site design has many important elements to ensure that the experience for the user is simple, while for the site owner provides a means to get information across.

We try to concentrate on presenting the content to focus the user's attention, and use subtle elements that enhance the site, rather than being a distraction.

Using the latest software, and following the latest design trends, enables us to produce visually pleasing sites. We try and keep sites as "light" as possible.

In addition we can provide Content Management Systems to allow you to add and change your own content. This is a great way to define your site, as they can allow the addition of Blogs and Forums if required, so that you have a more dynamic site.

Glosscrete - an example in simplicity

Glosscrete is a Melbourne based business that transforms plain concrete floors into high gloss stylish finishes, as well as other services such as repairs, levelling and sealing. This business wanted a presence on the web as it was a recent start up, and wanted it quickly.

Within a week the domain was registered and the site created. It is a simple, yet effective site, that provides a platform to be expanded later. Go have a look


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