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Involved with SAP since 1995.

Contracting since 2002.

Implementations, Upgrades and support in over 15 different companies.

Specialising in Logistics and Sales functions.


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SAP Consulting

What is SAP. Well if you are on this page you either know what it is and want further information, or you don't know what it is and were curious.

Well it is nothing to do with trees, but is all to do with business software, typically used by large companies around the world. SAP originated in Germany and is one of the largest software companies in the world.

3sheep provides consulting services for this product, mainly sub contracting to other consultancies, but is also available to provide services direct.

SAP is such a large, complex, comprehensive software package, that at 3sheep we have specialist areas. At times we may be able to source people with skills in other areas if required.


As the principle of 3sheep Pty Ltd, I have been involved with SAP software for over 12 years, having started as a business analyst on a major project with BHP Steel International, then consulting for BHP, then Deloitte Consulting, then entering the contracting market in 2002.

Before that I was involved in various companies in sales and administration roles, small business ownership and a variety of industries so have a good blend of practical business knowledge. So unlike many SAP Consultants who have had little business experience but only IT knowledge, I have been fortunate to bring my business knowledge, and then use SAP in sensible ways to develop solutions.



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